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SiT9005 EMI Reduction Oscillators

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  • Release on:Aug 08,2017
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SiT9005 EMI Reduction Oscillators

SiTime presents the SiT9005 series of oscillators with superior EMI performance

SiTime’s SiT9005 series of MEMs oscillators provide an easy, fast, flexible solution with strong EMI reduction in circuit designs. These products enable system designers to quickly and easily achieve Class A/B compliance by leveraging a combination of spread spectrum modulation and FlexEdge™, a unique feature that adjusts the rise/fall time. SIT9005 devices are supported by SiTime’s Time Machine II programmer enabling designers to instantly experiment with different EMI levels to achieve optimal system performance. SiT9005 products are drop-in replacements to crystal oscillators and require no PCB changes. Unlike SSIC, these devices do not need software.

SiTime's MEMS oscillator consists of a MEMS resonator and a programmable analog circuit. The SiT9005 MEMS oscillator is built with SiTime’s unique MEMS First™ process. A key manufacturing step is EpiSeal™ during which the MEMS resonator is annealed with temperatures over +1000°C. EpiSeal creates an extremely strong, clean, vacuum chamber that encapsulates the MEMS resonator and ensures the best performance and reliability.

  • Most flexible EMI reduction options
    • Wider spread range: up to 3.5% with 0.125% step
    • Many rise/fall time setting: 8 options
    • Optional factory configurable spread profiles: triangular and Hershey-kiss
  • Best robustness
    • Best-in-class AC coupling noise injection immunity: 10x better than quartz
    • Superior shock and vibration resistance: 30x better
  • Enhanced performance and capabilities
    • Smallest package 2.0 mm2 x 1.6 mm2 for space hungry applications
    • Best manufacturability package: SOT23
    • Best frequency stability: ±20 ppm over temperature from -40°C to +85°C
    • Faster startup time: 5 ms
  • Camera sensors
  • Touch panels
  • Printers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Large displays
  • Industrial motors