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Embedded Solutions(2)
Displays 2 items
Switches 1 items
Power Supplies 502 items
Semiconductor - Discrete(40301)
Transistors 4605 items
Power Discrete 1711 items
Opto Discrete - LED 608 items
Discrete 10 items
Diodes 33367 items
Semiconductor - IC(4184)
Sensors 31 items
RF/MW 27 items
Power Management 294 items
Power 281 items
Optoelectronics 2511 items
Memory 1 items
Linear 1014 items
Drivers and Interfaces 2 items
Communication 23 items
Connectors 636 items
Resistors 69414 items
Magnetics - Transformers 9 items
Magnetics - Inductors 1946 items
Magnetics 96 items
Frequency Controls 87 items
Circuit Protection 3733 items
Capacitors 22358 items
Development 36 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  1N6285AHE3/54 Image 1N6285AHE3/54 Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 33.3V 1.5KW Automotive 2-Pin Case 1.5KE T/R
  GL41D-E3/51 Image GL41D-E3/51 Diode 200V 1A 2-Pin DO-213AB Bulk
  VN0605T-T1-E3 Image VN0605T-T1-E3 Trans MOSFET N-CH 60V 0.18A 3-Pin TO-236 T/R
  RLR07C7501GSB1423 Image RLR07C7501GSB1423 Res Metal Film 7.5K Ohm 2% 0.25W(1/4W) ±100ppm/C 0.001% Epoxy AXL Bulk
  M55342K06B4E32SS6 Image M55342K06B4E32SS6 Res Thick Film 0705 4.32K Ohm 1% 0.15W ±100ppm/C 0.001% Sulfur Resistant Molded SMD T/R
  K182K15X7RF53H5 Image K182K15X7RF53H5 Cap Ceramic 0.0018uF 50V X7R 10% Radial 5mm 125C Bulk
  TNPW06032K21BETA Image TNPW06032K21BETA Res Thin Film 0603 2.21K Ohm 0.1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±25ppm/C Molded SMD Paper T/R
  K105Z20Y5VF53H5 Image K105Z20Y5VF53H5 Cap Ceramic 1uF 50V Y5V -20% to 80% Radial 5mm 85C Bulk
  BZD27C100P-M3-08 Image BZD27C100P-M3-08 Diode Zener Single 100V 6% 800mW 2-Pin SMF T/R
  TNPW08056K26BETA Image TNPW08056K26BETA Res Thin Film 0805 6.26K Ohm 0.1% 0.125W(1/8W) ±25ppm/C Molded SMD Paper T/R
  M55342K02B470JPS3 Image M55342K02B470JPS3 Res Thick Film 0505 470 Ohm 5% 0.125W(1/8W) ±100ppm/C 0.1% Sulfur Resistant Molded SMD T/R
  RN70D8251FB14 Image RN70D8251FB14 Res Metal Film 8.25K Ohm 1% 0.75W(3/4W) ±100ppm/C Epoxy AXL Bulk
  RNR55E6491FSM7665 Image RNR55E6491FSM7665 Res Metal Film 6.49K Ohm 1% 0.125W(1/8W) ±25ppm/C 0.001% Glass AXL Foil Bag
  AZ23B47-HE3-18 Image AZ23B47-HE3-18 Diode Zener Dual Common Anode 47V 2% 300mW Automotive 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R
  TNPW060339K2BEEA Image TNPW060339K2BEEA Res Thin Film 0603 39.2K Ohm 0.1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±25ppm/C Molded SMD Automotive Paper T/R
  SMAJ90A-E3/51 Image SMAJ90A-E3/51 Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 90V 400W 2-Pin SMA Bulk
  IMS05RU471K Image IMS05RU471K Inductor RF Shielded/Molded Wirewound 470uH 10% 790KHz 60Q-Factor Ferrite 92mA 9.5Ohm DCR AXL T/R
  RLR20C1500GSB14 Image RLR20C1500GSB14 Res Metal Film 150 Ohm 2% 0.5W(1/2W) ±100ppm/C 0.001% Epoxy AXL Bulk
  RLR07C1003GMB14 Image RLR07C1003GMB14 Res Metal Film 100K Ohm 2% 0.25W(1/4W) ±100ppm/C 1% Epoxy AXL Bulk
  P6SMB27A-M3/5B Image P6SMB27A-M3/5B Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 23.1V 600W 2-Pin SMB T/R
  CWR06KC106JP Image CWR06KC106JP Cap Tant Solid 10uF 25V G CASE 5% (6.73 X 2.79 X 2.79mm) SMD (0.1%FR) 1.4 Ohm 125C Bulk
  MCT06030C2612FP500 Image MCT06030C2612FP500 Res Thin Film 0603 26.1K Ohm 1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±50ppm/C Molded SMD Automotive Medical Paper T/R
  HA1.0-20C6AK Image HA1.0-20C6AK Cap Tant Solid 1uF 20V 10% (1.96 X 4.83mm) Axial 125C
  HSE222MAQBF0KR Cap Ceramic 0.0022uF 500V K4000 20% (7 X 4mm) Radial 5mm 85C Bulk
  ISC1812RQ5R6K Image ISC1812RQ5R6K Inductor Chip Shielded/Molded Wirewound 5.6uH 10% 7.96MHz 30Q-Factor Powdered Iron 333mA 690mOhm DCR
  RNC50J3571FSB14 Image RNC50J3571FSB14 Res Metal Film 3.57K Ohm 1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±25ppm/C 0.001% Epoxy AXL T/R
  RNC65J9881BRB14 Image RNC65J9881BRB14 Res Metal Film 9.88K Ohm 0.1% 0.5W(1/2W) ±25ppm/C 0.01% Epoxy AXL Bulk
  IMS05BH471K Image IMS05BH471K Inductor RF Shielded/Molded Wirewound 470uH 10% 790KHz 60Q-Factor Ferrite 92mA 9.5Ohm DCR AXL Bulk
  P6KE10AHE3/54 Image P6KE10AHE3/54 Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 8.55V 600W Automotive 2-Pin DO-15 T/R
  RWR81N54R9FRB12 Image RWR81N54R9FRB12 Res Wirewound 54.9 Ohm 1% 1W ±20ppm/C 0.01% Silicone AXL Bulk
  SMCJ43CA-E3/9AT Image SMCJ43CA-E3/9AT Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 43V 1.5KW 2-Pin SMC T/R
  D55342K07B26E7RUL Image D55342K07B26E7RUL Res Thick Film 1206 26.7K Ohm 1% 0.25W(1/4W) ±100ppm/C 0.01% Sulfur Resistant Molded SMD T/R
  K471M15X7RK5UH5 Image K471M15X7RK5UH5 Cap Ceramic 470pF 200V X7R 20% Radial 5mm 125C Ammo Pack
  CPF260R400FKE14 Image CPF260R400FKE14 Res Metal Film 60.4 Ohm 1% 2W ±100ppm/C Conformal Coated AXL Bulk
  RNC55H2003BSR36 Image RNC55H2003BSR36 Res Metal Film 200K Ohm 0.1% 0.125W(1/8W) ±50ppm/C 0.001% Epoxy AXL T/R
  RCWP1100137RFKS2 Image RCWP1100137RFKS2 Res Thick Film 1010 137 Ohm 1% 0.5W(1/2W) ±100ppm/C Sulfur Resistant Molded SMD T/R
  SA2D-M3/61T Image SA2D-M3/61T Diode Switching 200V 2A 2-Pin SMA T/R
  D55342K07B453DRUL Image D55342K07B453DRUL Res Thick Film 1206 453 Ohm 1% 0.25W(1/4W) ±100ppm/C 0.01% Sulfur Resistant Molded SMD T/R
  K822M10X7RH5TL2 Image K822M10X7RH5TL2 Cap Ceramic 0.0082uF 100V X7R 20% Radial 2.5mm 125C T/R
  FX5545G0011V8B1 Image FX5545G0011V8B1 Module DC-DC 1-OUT 1.8V 0.6A 1.5W 20-Pin BGA Bulk
  VOM3053T Image VOM3053T Optocoupler Triac AC-OUT 1-CH 600VDRM 4-Pin SOP T/R
  RNC65H1650FRRE5 Image RNC65H1650FRRE5 Res Metal Film 165 Ohm 1% 0.5W(1/2W) ±50ppm/C 0.01% Epoxy AXL T/R
  CWR06FC336MR Image CWR06FC336MR Cap Tant Solid 33uF 10V G CASE 20% (6.73 X 2.79 X 2.79mm) SMD (0.01%FR) 1.1 Ohm 125C Bulk
  M8340108K4702GCD03 Image M8340108K4702GCD03 Res Thick Film NET 47K Ohm 2% 0.84W ±100ppm/C BUS Molded 8-Pin SIP Pin Thru-Hole
  ST5ETP104 Image ST5ETP104 Res Cermet Trimmer 100K Ohm 10% 1/4W 11(Elec)/14(Mech)Turn 1.6mm (6 X 8.75 X 4.3mm) Gull Wing SMD Em
  M39003/01-6285 Image M39003/01-6285 Cap Tant Solid 3.9uF 75V 10% (4.7 X 12.04mm) Axial (0.1%FR) 125C
  WSR3R0700FEA Image WSR3R0700FEA Res Metal Strip 4527 0.07 Ohm 1% 3W ±75ppm/C Molded J-Lead SMD Automotive T/R
  M55342E12B2B49RT0 Image M55342E12B2B49RT0 Res Thin Film 0603 2.49K Ohm 0.1% 0.1W(1/10W) ±25ppm/C 0.01% Molded SMD T/R
  SIS410DN-T1-GE3 Image SIS410DN-T1-GE3 Trans MOSFET N-CH 20V 22A 8-Pin PowerPAK 1212 T/R
  IRKL41/12P Image IRKL41/12P Thyristor SCR Module 1.2KV 985A 5-Pin ADD-A-PAK