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SSI Technologies, Inc.- The Controls Division of SSI Technologies, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based monitoring systems for the automotive, construction, agriculture, heavy truck, marine, sport vehicle, medical, general industrial, test & measurement and other industries. Our engineering and manufacturing facility is located in Janesville, WI. SSI has an Advanced Engineering Group, which seeks out and develops new control and sensing systems for future applications in the automotive and industrial marketplace.

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SSI Technologies, Inc.


Sensors, Transducers(17783)
Pressure 3 items
Pressure Sensors, Transducers 17766 items
Float, Level Sensors 1 items
Accessories 13 items


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  P51-75-A-P-MD-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 75PSI M20-1.5 6G .5-4.5V
  P51-300-S-T-D-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 300PSIS 7/16 4-20MA
  P51-1000-S-O-M12-4.5V-000-000 SENS 1000PSI 7/16-20 UNF 2B 4.5V
  P51-2000-A-L-MD-5V-000-000 SENSOR 2000PSI M10-1.25 6H 1-5V
  P51-500-A-I-MD-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 500PSI 7/16-20 UNF 4-20MA
  P51-75-A-AA-D-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 75PSI 7/16-20 UNF 4-20MA
  P51-15-S-UCF-P-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 15PSIS 9/16 UNF 4-20MA
  P51-750-A-O-D-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 750PSI 7/16-20UNF 2B 20MA
  P51-500-A-J-M12-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 500PSI 3/8-24UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-15-A-Z-P-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 15PSI 1/4-18NPT 4-20MA
  P51-50-A-P-I36-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 50PSI M20-1.5 6G .5-4.5V
  P61-100-S-A-I72-4.5V-C SENSOR 100PSIS 1/4 NPT W/TEMP
  P51-1000-A-Z-D-5V-000-000 SENSOR 1000PSI 1/4-18 NPT 1-5V
  P51-100-A-AD-I36-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 100PSI 7/16-20UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-1000-A-I-M12-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 1000PSI 7/16-20UNF 4.5V
  P51-100-S-I-I36-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 100PSI 7/16-20 UNF 4.5V
  P51-200-A-J-D-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 200PSI 3/8-24UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-300-G-AA-I36-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI 7/16-20UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-1500-A-U-D-5V-000-000 SENSOR 1500PSI 7/16-20-2B 1-5V
  P51-200-S-T-D-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 200PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V
  P51-300-S-A-P-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V
  P51-2000-S-Z-D-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 2000PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V
  P51-15-S-Z-I36-5V-000-000 SENSOR 15PSIS 1/4 NPT 5V 36"
  P61-3000-S-A-I18-4.5V-C SENSOR 3000PSIS 1/4 NPT W/TEMP
  P51-300-A-U-I36-5V-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI 7/16-20-2B FEM 5V
  P51-2000-A-AD-P-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 2000PSI 7/16-20UNF 4.5V
  P51-300-A-J-P-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI 3/8-24UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-300-A-AD-M12-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI 7/16-20UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-15-G-Y-P-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 15PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V
  P51-50-A-W-M12-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 50PSI 1/8-27NPT 4-20MA
  P2432.3 Image P2432.3 CABLE W/PACKARD CONNECTOR 12"
  P51-300-A-P-I36-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI M20-1.5 6G .5-4.5V
  P51-50-S-A-P-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 50PSIS 1/4 NPT 4-20 MA
  P51-300-S-T-I36-20MA-000-000 SENSOR 300PSIS 7/16 4-20 MA
  P51-15-G-UCF-I12-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 15PSI 9/16-18UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-100-A-M-I12-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 100PSI M10-1.0 6G .5-4.5V
  P51-1000-S-S-P-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 1000PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V
  P51-75-S-Z-I12-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 75PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V
  P51-750-A-R-I36-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 750PSI M12-1.0 6G .5-4.5V
  P51-75-G-N-I36-4.5V SENSOR 75PSI 1.2-20UNF-2A 4.5V
  P51-15-G-Z-I36-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 15PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V
  P51-200-G-N-I12-4.5OV SENSOR 200PSI 1.2-20UNF-2A 4.5V
  P51-50-S-T-M12-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 50PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V
  P51-3000-A-AF-D-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 3000PSI 9/16-18 UNF 4.5V
  P51-300-G-H-D-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 300PSI M12-1.5 6G .5-4.5V
  P51-50-G-T-MD-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 50PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V
  P51-500-S-E-MD-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 500PSI 3/8-24 UNF .5-4.5V
  P51-50-S-Y-MD-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 50PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V
  P51-1500-S-AA-D-4.5V-000-000 SENSOR 1500PSI 7/16-20 UNF 4.5V
  P51-75-S-T-I12-4.5OVP-000-000 SENSOR 75PSI 7/16-20-2B .5-4.5V