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Semiconductor - IC(111)
Sensors 2 items
RF/MW 83 items
Linear 2 items
Communication 23 items
Clocks & Timers 1 items
Connectors 271 items
Magnetics - Transformers 1070 items
Magnetics - Inductors 1297 items
Magnetics 9 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  PE-53822NL Image PE-53822NL Inductor Power Toroid 54uH 20% 1A 200mOhm DCR RDL
  PE-0603CD391JTT Image PE-0603CD391JTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 390nH 5% 100MHz 20Q-Factor Ceramic 130mA 2.9Ohm DCR 0603 T/R
  PE-68828 Image PE-68828 Telecom Transformer 1CT:1CT/1CT:1CT 1Ohm/1Ohm Prim. DCR 1Ohm/1Ohm Sec. DCR 12Term. Gull Wing SMD
  PE-1008CD270GTT Image PE-1008CD270GTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 27nH 2% 50MHz 55Q-Factor Ceramic 1A 110mOhm DCR 1008 T/R
  H1164NLT Image H1164NLT Telecom Transformer 40Term. Gull Wing SMD
  PE-53112NL Image PE-53112NL Inductor Power Toroid 38uH/47uH 20% 3A 50mOhm DCR RDL
  PE-51517NL Image PE-51517NL Inductor High Current Toroid 315uH/175uH 20% 6A 68mOhm DCR Pin
  P0582NL Image P0582NL Current Transformer 100:1:1 3000Vrms 1.4Ohm Prim. DCR 1.7Ohm/1.7Ohm Sec. DCR Through Hole
  HX5014NL Image HX5014NL Telecom Transformer 1:1 48Term. Gull Wing SMD
  020-5428-0 Image 020-5428-0 Power Transformer 0.35VA 8Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole
  P0473NL Image P0473NL Common Mode Chokes Dual 880uH 1.63A 110mOhm DCR SMD Tube
  HX5008NL Image HX5008NL Telecom Transformer 1:1 24Term. Gull Wing SMD
  T8008 Image T8008 Common Mode Chokes Array 16 47uH 36dB 400mOhm DCR SMD Tube
  23Z91SMNL-T Image 23Z91SMNL-T Telecom Transformer 1:1 0.3Ohm Prim. DCR 16Term. Gull Wing SMD
  E5908-150742-L Conn Modular Jack F 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port
  P0353NL Image P0353NL Common Mode Chokes Dual 590uH 5.6A 21mOhm DCR SMD Tube
  PL8200-NL Image PL8200-NL Common Mode Chokes Dual 470uH 14A 8mOhm DCR SMD Tube
  PE-53828NL Image PE-53828NL Inductor Power Toroid 168uH 20% 1.02A 400mOhm DCR RDL
  PE-65969NL Image PE-65969NL Telecom Transformer 1:2CT 6Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole
  PE-65835 Image PE-65835 Telecom Transformer 1CT:2CT 0.7Ohm Prim. DCR 1.1Ohm Sec. DCR 10Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole
  PE-62917 Image PE-62917 Common Mode Chokes Dual 2mH 1kHz 7.5A 20mOhm DCR Thru-Hole
  P0401NLT Image P0401NLT Inductor Power Wirewound 27.4uH/109.8uH 20% 4.4A/2.2A 38.15mOhm/152.6mOhm DCR T/R
  PE-53821 Image PE-53821 Inductor Power Toroid 78uH 20% 820mA 300mOhm DCR RDL
  H0009NL Image H0009NL Telecom Transformer 1:1/1:1 16Term. Gull Wing SMD
  PE-53633 Image PE-53633 Inductor Power Wirewound 40.5uH/29.1uH 2.7A 100mOhm DCR
  J3026G01DNLT Image J3026G01DNLT Conn RJ-45 F 8 POS 1.02mm Solder RA SMD 12 Terminal 1 Port T/R
  H6502NL Image H6502NL Common Mode Chokes Dual 60uH 250mOhm DCR SMD Tube
  J1012F21KNL Image J1012F21KNL Conn RJ-45 F 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 12 Terminal 1 Port Cat 5/Cat 6
  T1144 Image T1144 Telecom Transformer 1CT:1CT/1CT:2.4CT 0.85Ohm/0.85Ohm Prim. DCR 16Term. Gull Wing SMD
  1000B-5003XNL Image 1000B-5003XNL Telecom Transformer 1:1 50Term. Gull Wing SMD
  PE-64934NL Image PE-64934NL Telecom Transformer 1:1 0.7Ohm Prim. DCR 0.7Ohm Sec. DCR 6Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole
  PE-1008CD331JTT Image PE-1008CD331JTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 330nH 5% 25MHz 45Q-Factor Ceramic 450mA 1.05Ohm DCR 1008 T/R
  H6501NLT Image H6501NLT Common Mode Chokes Dual 30uH 200mOhm DCR SMD T/R
  W3008 Image W3008 Antenna Ceramic 1.7dBi Gain 2483.5MHz 3-Pin SMD
  020-5470-0 Image 020-5470-0 Power Transformer 0.08VA 8Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole
  T1231NLT Image T1231NLT Telecom Transformer 1:2.4/1:1 40Term. Gull Wing SMD
  HX5014NLT Image HX5014NLT Telecom Transformer 1:1 48Term. Gull Wing SMD
  Q1553-45 Image Q1553-45 Pulse Transformer 1CT:2.5CT/1CT:1.79CT 100Vrms 1Ohm Prim. DCR 3.5Ohm Sec. DCR 8Term. PC Pin Thru-Hol
  PB0027NL Image PB0027NL Current Transformer 1:200 500Vrms 0.003Ohm Prim. DCR 2.9Ohm Sec. DCR 35000mA Prim. 10Term. Gull Wing
  PE-0805CD221GTT Image PE-0805CD221GTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 217nH 2% 100MHz 45Q-Factor Ceramic 400mA 700mOhm DCR 0805 T/R
  PE-92416NL Image PE-92416NL Inductor Power Toroid 49.1uH/55uH 20% 7A 17mOhm DCR RDL
  PE-0603CD390GTT Image PE-0603CD390GTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 39nH 2% 250MHz 35Q-Factor Ceramic 600mA 250mOhm DCR 0603 T/R
  PE-0603CD270GTT Image PE-0603CD270GTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 27nH 2% 250MHz 35Q-Factor Ceramic 600mA 220mOhm DCR 0603 T/R
  PE-0603CD271GTT Image PE-0603CD271GTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 270nH 2% 100MHz 24Q-Factor Ceramic 170mA 2.3Ohm DCR 0603 T/R
  Q1553-70 Pulse Transformer 1CT:3CT/1CT:2.15CT 100Vrms 0.35Ohm Prim. DCR 3.5Ohm Sec. DCR 8Term. PC Pin Thru-Ho
  PA1283NLT Image PA1283NLT Switching Transformer 1:0.273:0.682 0.57Ohm/1Ohm Prim. DCR 0.04Ohm Sec. DCR 7W 8Term. Gull Wing SMD
  H6062NL Image H6062NL Telecom Transformer 1:1 24Term. Gull Wing SMD
  H0022NLT Image H0022NLT Telecom Transformer 1:1/1:1 12Term. Gull Wing SMD
  PE-0603CD330JTT Image PE-0603CD330JTT Inductor RF Chip Wirewound 33nH 5% 250MHz 35Q-Factor Ceramic 600mA 220mOhm DCR 0603 T/R