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Laird Technologies - EMILaird Technologies is an industry-leading EMI solutions provider, supplying innovative design through the manufacture of customized, performance-critical products in every available material and form factor. Products include board-level shields, combination shields, ferrite shields, EMI gaskets, vent panels and shielded windows, finger gaskets, and conductive elastomers, as well as Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets, Form-In-Place gaskets, and conductive foam and fabric. Laird Technologies constantly invents and perfects new materials, processes, and products to solve EMI problems. Customized product solutions are designed for customers in all markets of the electronics and wireless industries including the computing, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, consumer, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets.

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Laird Technologies - EMI


Undefined Category(1189)
Miscellaneous 1189 items
RF/IF and RFID(2814)
RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials 439 items
RFI and EMI - Contacts, Fingerstock and Gaskets 2331 items
RF Shields 42 items
RF Accessories 2 items
RF Shield Kits 2 items
Connectors, Interconnects(2)
D-Sub, D-Shaped Connectors - Accessories 1 items
Circular Connectors - Accessories 1 items
Battery Products(1)
Battery Holders, Clips, Contacts 1 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  0077002518 SLMT,3F,NIE
  0078004817 SLMT,4F,SNB,USFT
  0077005717 VSLMT,STR,SNB
  67BCG2006006010R00 SP,CN,C,AU
  1660611 DSTRHOLFRM ECE089
  0097094102 Image 0097094102 FINGERSTOCK BECU 5.1X609.6MM
  0077001019 SLMT,STR,NIB
  8300015044 ELMT,MT,CUTIPLAT,RL
  4096PA51H01935 GK NICU PTAFG PU V0 REC
  8401-0131-42 AMRE MON RL
  0097097218 DES,STR,NIE,CLO
  228032000 AP STR SNB RA CM
  4795-PA-51H-09600 RF SHIELDING FOAM (96"L.)
  4418AB51K01000 GK NICU NRS PU V0 REC
  1506013310 TWT STR BF PSA CTL
  3535-S Image 3535-S SHEET CA19 101.6X152.4MM
  4215PA51G00176 GK NICU NRSG PU V0 REC
  4090PA51H08400 GK NICU PTAFG PU V0 DSH
  4231PA51H01800 Image 4231PA51H01800 GASKET FAB/FOAM 41X457.2MM RECT
  4208PA51G01160 GK NICU NRSG PU V0 REC
  8563-0243-93 ORING ECE093
  8563-0335-94 OSTRSDRNG ECE094
  3785001100 EMOW SILSD MON DC
  0098022117 CSTR,STR,SNB,USFT
  4695PA51H01675 Image 4695PA51H01675 GK NICU PTAFG PU V0 SQ
  4609AB51K09600 GK NICU NRS PU V0 DSH
  4584PA51G00300 GK NICU NRSG PU V0 DSH
  77001609 SLMT 1F NID
  0097052117 NOSG,STR,SNB,PSA
  0077006802 Image 0077006802 GASKET BECU 7.57X406.4MM
  0097095515 S3,STR,ZNC,RIV
  0078001019 SLMT,STR,NIB,USFT
  4283AE51K00725 GK NICU NRS PU V0 DSH
  5182 RFLS,30,250,PSA
  CZ500-020S COOLZORB 500 4X4X0.02"
  4694AB51K09600 GK NICU NRS PU V0 REC
  2320006100 AP STR SNB PSA CTL
  97039009 GB NID
  97095419 S3 STR NIB PSA
  4078AB51K00180 GK NICU NRS PU V0 DSH
  4797AB51K07913 GK NICU NRS PU V0 KN
  0C95043800 CSTR COIL SS
  0077009202 Image 0077009202 GASKET BECU 15.24X457.2MM
  4164EM51N00122 IO NICU MESHG PU V0 REC
  97055003 TWT STR AU PSA
  8863-0110-89 Image 8863-0110-89 OSTRSD ECE089
  97023202 CSTR FRG BF
  4609PA51H09600 GK NICU PTAFG PU V0 DSH