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Embedded Solutions(54)
Displays 48 items
Computer Products 6 items
Switches 11762 items
Relays & I/O Modules 67 items
Power Supplies 1 items
Lamps, Incandescent 5 items
Encoders (Mech) 12 items
Semiconductor - Discrete(118)
Opto Discrete - LED 118 items
Semiconductor - IC(6210)
Sensors 5817 items
Power 14 items
Optoelectronics 353 items
Linear 25 items
Clocks & Timers 1 items
Wire and Cable 25 items
Connectors 21 items
Resistors 698 items
Circuit Protection 228 items
Development 3 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  12TW8-7 Image 12TW8-7 Switch Toggle ON None ON DPDT Round Lever Solder 5A 125VAC Panel Mount with Threads
  XPC01DTH Image XPC01DTH Pressure Sensor 0V to 0.018V 0psi to 1psi Differential 4-Pin
  VC3D.5 Image VC3D.5 Res Wirewound 0.5 Ohm 10% 3W ±150ppm/C Vitreous Enamel AXL
  CPCL10DFC Image CPCL10DFC Pressure Sensor 0inH2O to 10inH2O Differential 4-Pin
  FF6-11-AC-06 Order
  26PCAFB2G Image 26PCAFB2G Pressure Sensor 0V to 0.0167V 0psi to 1psi Gage 4-Pin
  SSCMLND160MG7A3 Pressure Sensor 0mbar to 160mbar Gage
  613SS2 Image 613SS2 Hall Effect Sensor 10mA Unipolar 9V/12V/15V 4-Pin PDIP
  385518M2059 Res Conductive Plastic POT 50K Ohm 10% 2W 1(Elec)/1(Mech)Turns mm Solder Lug Panel Mount
  A4310K Image A4310K Res Wirewound POT 10K Ohm 10% 2W 1(Elec)/1(Mech)Turn 6.35mm (26.99 X 28.58 X 33.34mm) Solder Lug Pan
  BX2P4L Image BX2P4L Switch Limit N.O./N.C. DPDT Side Rotary Conduit Rotary Screw Mount
  1EN202-R Switch Limit N.O./N.C. DPDT Top Plunger Connector 5A 28VDC 53.38N Linear Panel Mount
  GSEA47A1B Image GSEA47A1B Switch Limit N.O./N.C. SP4T Side Rotary with Lever Conduit 0.1A 50VAC 50VDC Rotary Screw Mount
  V7-2A27E9 Image V7-2A27E9 Switch Snap Action N.O. SPST Plunger Quick Connect 5A 277VAC 74.57VA 0.74N Screw Mount
  FF6-10-ACQD05SS Switch Safety Interlock N.C. SPST 2A 230VAC Quick Connect Screw Mount
  LSK7L-8A Image LSK7L-8A Switch Limit N.O./N.C. DPDT Cat Whisker Conduit 10A 24VDC Rotary Screw Mount Automotive
  AML51-G11GR Image AML51-G11GR Switch Access Push Button Switch Rectangular Button
  2TL1-12N Image 2TL1-12N Switch Toggle N.O./N.C. DPDT Locking Lever Screw 20A 277VAC 250VDC Panel Mount with Threads
  V15W11-WZ200A02-W2 Image V15W11-WZ200A02-W2 Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C. SPDT Straight Lever Wire Lead 5A 250VAC 30VDC 1.18N Screw Mount
  MS27788-3E Switch Toggle (ON) ON (ON) DPDT Locking Lever IWTS 18A 277VAC 250VDC 372.85VA Panel Mount with Threa
  JX-220 Switch Access Snap Action Switch Auxiliary Roller Lever Actuator
  LSXP4L Image LSXP4L Switch Limit N.O./N.C. DPDT Side Rotary Conduit 10A 24VDC Rotary Screw Mount
  HSCDRNN015PA7A3 TruStability Board Mount Pressure Sensors
  VC10F20 Image VC10F20 Res Wirewound 20 Ohm 5% 10W ±150ppm/C Vitreous Enamel AXL
  AML26GBE3AA03GR Image AML26GBE3AA03GR Switch Rocker ON None (ON) SPDT PC Pins/Push-On Rocker
  SPT4V0200PG4W02 Image SPT4V0200PG4W02 Pressure Sensor 0psi to 200psi Gage 4-Pin
  68AT300-3 Image 68AT300-3 Switch Toggle N.O./N.C. 8PDT Round Lever Solder 7A 115VAC 28VDC Panel Mount with Threads
  914CE2-Q Image 914CE2-Q Switch Limit N.O./N.C. SPDT Top Roller Plunger Connector 3A 250VAC 12.01N Linear Screw Mount
  LSN6B Image LSN6B Switch Limit N.O./N.C. DPDT Side Rotary Conduit 10A 24VDC Rotary Screw Mount Automotive
  GLDB01C Image GLDB01C Switch Limit N.O./N.C. SPDT Top Roller Plunger Conduit 6A 600VAC 250VDC 16N Linear Screw Mount
  11SM23-H4 Image 11SM23-H4 Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C. SPDT Plunger Quick Connect/Solder Lug 1A 250VAC 30VDC 1.39N Screw Mount
  LSXZ1D Operating Head for Weather-Sealed Explosion-Proof Switches
  AML22HBE8AA Image AML22HBE8AA Switch Push Button N.O./N.C. SPDT Square Button Momentary Contact Panel Mount
  VP50KA3 Image VP50KA3 Res Wirewound 3 Ohm 10% 50W ±100ppm/C Vitreous Enamel RDL Lug Bolt-On
  HAFBSF0200CAAX3 Image HAFBSF0200CAAX3 Flow Sensor Air 4-Pin
  AML55-E10Y Image AML55-E10Y Switch Access Paddle Switch Cover
  AML22CBD2AC Image AML22CBD2AC Switch Push Button N.O./N.C. DPDT Square Button Momentary Contact Quick Connect/Solder Panel Mount
  BZ-2RLT Image BZ-2RLT Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C. SPDT Leaf Lever Screw 16A 480VAC 250VDC 186.42VA 1.39N Screw Mount
  SS496B-T2 Image SS496B-T2 Hall Effect Sensor 5V/9V 3-Pin T/R
  GSDB06S2 Switch Limit N.C. SPDT Hinge Conduit 6A 500VAC 250VDC Rotary Screw Mount
  SE3470-003 Image SE3470-003 LED IrLED 880nm 2-Pin TO-46
  MLH160BSD14B Image MLH160BSD14B Pressure Sensor 0bar to 160bar Sealed Gage 3-Pin
  MLH05KPGL01G Image MLH05KPGL01G Pressure Sensor 1V to 5V 0psi to 5000psi Gage 3-Pin
  66AT300-1M Image 66AT300-1M Switch Toggle N.O./N.C. 6PDT Locking Lever Solder 7A 250VAC 28VDC Panel Mount with Threads
  AML25FBF2BA01YX Image AML25FBF2BA01YX Switch Rocker ON None ON SPDT Quick Connect/Solder Paddle Rocker
  AML21JBE3AA Image AML21JBE3AA Switch Push Button N.O./N.C. SPDT Square Button Momentary Contact PC Pins/Push-On Through Hole/Panel