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Daburn- Daburn offers a full range of Wire & Cable; Shrink Tubing and Sleeving; Fastening Devices; Plugs & Jacks; Porcelain Insulators. We specialize in miniature, hi-temperature & hi-voltage constructions, meeting or exceeding MIL, U/L and/or Commercial Specifications.

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Heat Shrink Tubing Kits 1 items
Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories(39)
Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers 2 items
Board Spacers, Standoffs 37 items
Cables, Wires - Management(71)
Solid Tubing, Sleeving 3 items
Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving 1 items
Protective Hoses, Solid Tubing, Sleeving 8 items
Heat Shrink Tubing 51 items
Grounding Braid, Straps 1 items
Cold Shrink Tape, Tubing 7 items
Cables, Wires(1457)
Single Conductor 6 items
Multiple Conductor 1 items
Single Conductor Cables (Hook-Up Wire) 1428 items
Multiple Conductor Cables 19 items
Modular - Flat Cable 1 items
Flat Ribbon Cables 2 items
Cable Assemblies(1)
Power, Line Cables 1 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  2420/28 BU-1000 Image 2420/28 BU-1000 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 28 AWG 1000 FT BU
  2475/28 GN-500 Image 2475/28 GN-500 FEP HI VOLT #28 18KV 500 FT GN
  CRT22-8WH-100 Image CRT22-8WH-100 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG WHITE 100'
  2420/31 RD-100 Image 2420/31 RD-100 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 31 AWG 100 FT RD
  2215/28OR-100 Image 2215/28OR-100 HOOK-UP STRND 1000V 28 AWG ORNG
  2722/16 WHITE/C Image 2722/16 WHITE/C TEST LEAD 16AWG 5000V WHITE 100'
  2615/22-WH-500 Image 2615/22-WH-500 SIL RUB UL3132 22AWG 500 FT WH
  CRT16-8RD-50 Image CRT16-8RD-50 HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG RED 50'
  2671/24RD-100 Image 2671/24RD-100 HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG RED 100'
  2420/32 YL-1000 Image 2420/32 YL-1000 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 32 AWG 1000 FT YL
  2200/22SGY-100 Image 2200/22SGY-100 HOOK-UP STRND 600V 22AWG GRY
  2475/18 YL-1000 Image 2475/18 YL-1000 FEP HI VOLT #18 30KV 1000 FT YL
  CRT16-5WH-100 Image CRT16-5WH-100 HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG WHITE 100'
  2711/2 CABLE 2COND 32AWG BLK SHLD 100'
  2215/22GR-100 Image 2215/22GR-100 HOOK-UP STRND 1000V 22 AWG GRN
  CRT24-4WH-100 Image CRT24-4WH-100 HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG WHITE 100'
  2420/30 YL-100 Image 2420/30 YL-100 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 30 AWG 100 FT YL
  2420/32 BK-1000 Image 2420/32 BK-1000 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 32 AWG 1000 FT BK
  2475/18 BU-100 Image 2475/18 BU-100 FEP HI VOLT #18 30KV 100 FT BU
  2722/16 BK/M Image 2722/16 BK/M TEST LEAD 16AWG 5000V BLK 1000'
  2200/26GY-100 Image 2200/26GY-100 HOOK-UP STRND 600V 26AWG GRY
  SH721-5/8-100 HEATSHRINK 5/8" 100FT
  CRT16-8RD-100 Image CRT16-8RD-100 HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG RED 100'
  2451/34GR-500 Image 2451/34GR-500 HOOK-UP STRND 300V 34AWG GRN
  2475/18 GY-100 Image 2475/18 GY-100 FEP HI VOLT #18 30KV 100 FT GY
  2617/14-WH-500 Image 2617/14-WH-500 SIL RUB UL3212 14AWG 500 FT WH
  CRT20-5RD-100 Image CRT20-5RD-100 HOOK-UP STRND 20AWG RED 100'
  2616/26-BK-1000 Image 2616/26-BK-1000 SIL RUB UL3135 26AWG 1000 FT BK
  CRT24-3BK-100 Image CRT24-3BK-100 HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG BLACK 100'
  2615/20-BK-1000 Image 2615/20-BK-1000 SIL RUB UL3132 20AWG 1000 FT BK
  2475/26 BR-100 Image 2475/26 BR-100 FEP HI VOLT #26 20KV 100 FT BR
  CRT12-3RD-100 Image CRT12-3RD-100 HOOK-UP STRND 12AWG RED 100'
  2475/20B OR-1000 Image 2475/20B OR-1000 FEP HI VOLT #20 30KV 1000 FT OR
  CRT18-2.5BK-50 Image CRT18-2.5BK-50 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BLACK 50'
  2420/34 RD-100 Image 2420/34 RD-100 ULTRA-FLEX FEP 34 AWG 100 FT RD
  CRT14-3WH-50 Image CRT14-3WH-50 HOOK-UP STRND 14AWG WHITE 50'
  CRT18-3BK-50 Image CRT18-3BK-50 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BLACK 50'
  2215/20OR-100 Image 2215/20OR-100 HOOK-UP STRND 1000V 20 AWG ORNG
  CRT26-8BK-100 Image CRT26-8BK-100 HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG BLACK 100'
  2722/22 WHITE/C Image 2722/22 WHITE/C TEST LEAD 22AWG 5000V WHITE 100'
  2451/34WH-500 Image 2451/34WH-500 HOOK-UP STRND 300V 34AWG WHT
  CRT18-3.5BK-50 Image CRT18-3.5BK-50 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BLACK 50'
  2201/20WH-1000 Image 2201/20WH-1000 HOOK-UP STRND 600V 20AWG WHT
  CRT18-10BK-100 Image CRT18-10BK-100 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BLACK 100'
  CRT22-2RD-100 Image CRT22-2RD-100 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG RED 100'
  2671/36WH-1000 Image 2671/36WH-1000 HOOK-UP STRND 36AWG WHITE 1000'
  2215/22GY-100 Image 2215/22GY-100 HOOK-UP STRND 1000V 22 AWG GRY
  2615/28-WH-100 Image 2615/28-WH-100 SIL RUB UL3132 28AWG 100 FT WH
  2615/22-RD-100 Image 2615/22-RD-100 SIL RUB UL3132 22AWG 100 FT RD