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API Delevan- API Delevan designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive line of quality inductors, chokes, and coils to satisfy various electrical filtering requirements. The Group concentrates on producing high performance inductive devices to meet stringent government and customer specifications relating to high product quality and reliability.

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API Delevan


Power Transformers 438 items
RF/IF and RFID(68)
RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials 68 items
Inductor Kits 14 items
Inductors, Coils, Chokes(26780)
Fixed Inductors 26636 items
Arrays, Signal Transformers 144 items
Ferrite Cores - Cables and Wiring 48 items
Ferrite Beads and Chips 107 items
Common Mode Chokes 338 items


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  Info/Image Part Number Description View
  2500-06F FIXED IND 360UH 115MA 9.6 OHM TH
  2534-60J FIXED IND 33MH 26MA 250 OHM TH
  ER1641-754JR FIXED IND 750UH 80MA 13 OHM TH
  1026R-04K FIXED IND 33NH 2A 35 MOHM TH
  S4924-226H FIXED IND 22MH 37MA 274 OHM SMD
  SP1210R-184G Image SP1210R-184G FIXED IND 180UH 119MA 14.7 OHM
  ER1840-11JR FIXED IND 1.2UH 785MA 400 MOHM
  100R-562K FIXED IND 5.6UH 69MA 3.3 OHM
  5500R-824J FIXED IND 820UH 1.24A 643 MOHM
  ER153722KS Image ER153722KS FIXED IND 2.7UH 385MA 1.2 OHM TH
  1210-101F Image 1210-101F FIXED IND 100NH 1.018A 200 MOHM
  4232R-562G FIXED IND 5.6UH 322MA 2 OHM SMD
  1782R-17H FIXED IND 750NH 415MA 850 MOHM
  1008-101J FIXED IND 100NH 728MA 230 MOHM
  160R-564JS FIXED IND 560UH 40MA 81 OHM SMD
  S0402-10NH1B FIXED IND 10NH 475MA 210 MOHM
  PTKM100-50 FIXED IND 100UH 3.14A 55 MOHM TH
  1025R-20J FIXED IND 1UH 390MA 1 OHM TH
  SP1812R-154G Image SP1812R-154G FIXED IND 150UH 198MA 5.1 OHM
  S4924R-181H FIXED IND 180NH 2.835A 47 MOHM
  8532R-18L Image 8532R-18L FIXED IND 27UH 2.25A 70 MOHM SMD
  1537R-30H FIXED IND 5.6UH 565MA 320 MOHM
  1782-57J FIXED IND 36UH 125MA 3.6 OHM TH
  10HC-68 Image 10HC-68 FIXED IND 68UH 10A 27 MOHM TH
  5022R-182H Image 5022R-182H FIXED IND 1.8UH 755MA 650 MOHM
  1025R-34H FIXED IND 3.9UH 263MA 1 OHM TH
  S1210-183F Image S1210-183F FIXED IND 18UH 240MA 2.8 OHM SMD
  S4924R-563J FIXED IND 56UH 369MA 2.23 OHM
  160R-470MS FIXED IND 47NH 1.22A 85 MOHM SMD
  2256R-821L FIXED IND 820NH 5.6A 12 MOHM TH
  4232-151F FIXED IND 150NH 474MA 540 MOHM
  5022-684F Image 5022-684F FIXED IND 680UH 116MA 27.2 OHM
  4590-125J FIXED IND 1.2MH 825MA 977 MOHM
  3094-391JS FIXED IND 390NH 700MA 100 MOHM
  1840R-12F FIXED IND 1.5UH 755MA 485 MOHM
  105R-102F FIXED IND 1UH 360MA 730 MOHM SMD
  5022-432F Image 5022-432F FIXED IND 4.3UH 390MA 2.4 OHM
  106-153K FIXED IND 15UH 135MA 5.2 OHM SMD
  S0402-27NH1D FIXED IND 27NH 400MA 360 MOHM
  PD105R-104K FIXED IND 100UH 970MA 350 MOHM
  100-680M FIXED IND 68NH 324MA 150 MOHM
  S0603-8N2J2C FIXED IND 8.2NH 700MA 150 MOHM
  MIL4922-14L FIXED IND 12UH 2.24A 79 MOHM SMD
  1210R-222H Image 1210R-222H FIXED IND 2.2UH 431MA 1 OHM SMD
  4590-183J FIXED IND 18UH 5.49A 22 MOHM TH
  5400-826K FIXED IND 82MH 71MA 8.89 OHM TH
  2474R-19L Image 2474R-19L FIXED IND 33UH 2.17A 75 MOHM TH